jay jay on watch ruff in winter plumage the threat position the itch water liily (1)
water liily (2) wate lilly (3) water lilly (4) water lilly (5) small tortoiseshell small tortoiseshell (2)
peacock and lavender top peacock large white lift off brown hawker eye to eye brown hawker egg laying 1
brown hawker egg laying 2 fish supper alert heron common blue common blue underwing windy perch
marbled white marled white (2) you're on my flower six spot burnet sharing small skipper
harebell and the fly pyramidal orchid hello sweetie flaps down-preparing to land the offering callers not welcome
me and my shadow love on the edge golden plovers plover on the edge plover calling alert lapwing
son of lapwing flight of the lapwing redshank I'm boss here bringing home the bacon (meadow pippet) spring gentian
birds-eye primrose fly orchid wild columbine rhododendron (temple newsom) azaleas (temple newsom) the visitor
lapwing lapwing stretch water colour dipper 1 dipper 2 immature dipper
water aven forget-me-not they're off out of the dust am i winning four feet off the ground
going-dry and dusty high stepper 70's wall decorations keep your head down-i'm coming in a private moment shelduck vs shoveller
little gull reed warbler male marsh harrier harrier the hunter marsh harrier reed hopping 020413-guard duty
020413-where did i put that nut 020413-found one 020413-photographer spotted 020413-obstacle course 020413-safe hiding place 020413-black tailed godwits
020413-godw'itch 020413-couple of Ruff diamonds 020413-Ruff on reflection 020413-Mallard away 020413-super-whooper bempton seascape-bempton 290313
choppy seas-bempton 290313 gannet approaching-bempton 290313 building material-bempton 290313 looking for a place to land-bempton 290313 bonding-bempton 290313 i'm going now-bempton 290313
territorial dispute-bempton 290313 into the wind-bempton 290313 cruising fulmar-bempton 290313 unwelcome visitor-bempton 290313 snowy gull-bempton 290313 240313-low flyer
240313-snowy take off 240313-aggressive canadian 240313-grebe on a mission 240313-dancing grebes 240313-showing off 240313-dribbling gadwall
240313-chistmas card preview