under the counter oih you up from the river curious giraffe fun in the sun-thornicrofts giraffe cooling down
getting down to it whatever you do don't sit down hope i can stop at the bottom hot dusty and thirsty on a mission-elephant tawny eagle
pearl-spotted owlette eagle  approaching-african fish eagle african fish eagle giant eagle owl-2 giant eagle owl african scops owl
yellow-billed kite you talking to me-nile crocodile on reflection-Nile crocodile nile crocodile trailing behind dust trails-buffalo
at the double-Buffalo a steady plod-buffalo where's that bee-white fronted bee eater white fronted bee eater gift accepted-little bee eaters little bee eater-2
little bee eater the flasher popular perch-Carmines mr and mrs carmine see you all later-carmines carmine bee eater
chilled out-baboon the water jump-baboon a moment of thought-baboon baboon african stand off early morning stroll-Kudu
drinking pals-impala the lookout-Kudu the boys are back in town-Waterbuck cadging a lift-Impala-Red-billed Oxpeckers supper time-Puku