01-leking fields 02-numero uno 03-the challenge 04-territorial dispute 05-cock of the lek 06-the cause of all the fuss
07-waters edge 08-flight of the crane 09-white wagtail 10-common frog 11-smiley face 12-focused
13-on the scent 14-wolf on the run 15-reach for the sky 16-three toed woodpecker (female) 17-three toed woodpecker (2) 18-greater spotted woodie
19-great grey owl 20-ural owl 21-ural owl (2) 23-ural owl (3) 24-capercailie capers 24-that haughty look
25-male capercaillie 26-grass snakes 27-three headed serpent 28-nuthatch seed dispenser 29-vertical perch 30-female brambling
31-supper time 32-hawfinch 33-hello cheeky 34-yellowhammer 35-tree sparrow 36-evening light on still waters