2014 miscellaneous

1- cyclocross peel park 141214 2-cyclocross peel park 141214 3-cyclocross peel park 141214 4-cyclocross peel park 141214 5-cyclocross peel park 141214 6-cyclocross peel park 141214
7-cyclocross peel park 141214 8-cyclocross peel park 141214 9-cyclocross peel park 141214 10-cyclocross peel park 141214 11-cyclocross peel park 141214 12-cyclocross peel park 141214
031214-flapping widgeon 031214-shell duck tag 031214-full stretch 031214-whooper fly past 031214-ruff on the stones 031214-time for a scratch
031214-kestrel look out 031214-the young bull 4550-231114-red squirrel 3950-231114-red profile 4008-23114-who are you 4061-231114-double trouble
4123-23114-gobstopper 4192-231114-i know you're there 4209-231114-leap of faith 4294-231114-dunking the nut 4381-231114-refreshment break 4388-231114-lying low
4425-231114-cool clear water 4492-231114-the dribbler 091114-great tit on a stick 091114-blue tit hideaway 091114-found one 09114-nuthatch pose
091114-on guard 091114-top of the pole 091114-greater spotted woodpecker 091114-woody male kestrel- 220614 ready to pounce- 220614
male kestrel leaving- 220614 female kestrel arriving- 220614 balancing act- 220614 female kestrel- 220614 fast food fly through- 220614 I'm still hungry- 220614
050614-collision course 050614-final approach 050614-flaps down 050614-grass cutting 050614-I'm watching you 050614-nice necklace
050614-smelling the flowers 270514-kestrel look out post 270514-kestrel approaching 270514-tricky landing 270514-taking off 270514-over here
270514-high bar walker 270514-it's here somewhere 270514-the hunter 150514- dipper-Langstrothdale 150514-dipper ready to dip 150514 - waiting to dive
150514-on watch 150514- the stretch 150514-young master dippy the angel of bempton cliffs cornered flight of the gannet
home delivery looking for a flat bit near miss 050514 underneath the arches unwelcome visitor 1 unwelcome visitor 2
the racing line-oliver's mount beba and tilly's combination wheelies at jeffrey's jump close teamwork leaping ahead No 72
shark racing to the finish low flying heron 120314 building a home together  120314 I'll leave you to it  120314 canadas in close formation  120314
love bite  120314 mute swan  120314 quays panorama   220214 quays theatre   220214 nice bridge not sure about the colour  220214 the lowry   220214
crossing under the green light  220214 salford quays  220214 heron approaching  130214 the direct approach  130214 above the clouds  130214 low flying male goosander  130214
female goosander splash down  130214 goosander fly past  130214 mistlethrush gourmet delight  110214 backward glance  110214 female bulfinch  110214 male bulfinch  110214
long tailed tit  110214 eyes right  110214 tree sparrow  110214 goldilooks (goldfinch)  110214 pheasant alert  110214 mr woodie (greater spotted woodpecker) 110214
mrs woodie (greater spotted woodpecker)  110214