monterey whales 0814

whale watching-manterey style the stars of monterey sea lion convention californian sea lions Steller Sea Lion elephant seal siesta
ellie's sand bath sunshade brown pelican formation team brown pelican skimming the waves american white pelican
white pelicans fly past snowy egret great blue heron willet wading willet
marbled godwit marbled pair western and least sandpipers american avocet heermann's gull common buckeye
american lady californian ground squirrel scrub jay Risso's dolphins tatooed risso grey whale
killer whale (Orcinus orca) orca approaching humpback whale barnacled humpy humpback lunge feeding humpback fin slapping
farewell wave diving humpback departing fluke Mola mola- sunfish ocean sun fish southern sea otter
cruising layed back otter surprise Brandt's cormorant Buller's sheerwater sooty shearwater
walking on water nose dive mobile dick