appleby horse fair

060615-bareback rider 060615-community baths 060615-you can cut that out 060615-rising from the depths 060615-wash and brush up 060615-I'm out of here
060615-dusty ride 060615-hold onto your hat 060615-I think it's fallen off 060615-enjoying the ride 060615-gypsy glamour 060615-sophisitcation-gypsy style
060615-gypsy beauty 060615-likely lads 060615-heavy load 060615-learning the ropes 060615-mother-son and rest of family 060615-next generation
060615-puffing piper 060615-patting the nose 060615-one eye-no eye-two eye 060615-three generations 060615-seen it all before 060615-river dance 1
060615-river dance 2