miscellaneous 2015

tichwell redshank-281215 tichwell-curlew-281215 tichwell-drake and duck teal-281215 tichwell-teal-281215 tichwell-little grebe-281215 tichwell-turnstone-281215
tichwell-turnstone-the early bird-281215 welney-blacktailed godwits-291215 welney-black tailed godwits-291215 welney-odd one out-291215 welney-lapwing 1-291215 welney-lapwing 2-291215
welney-pochard-291215 welney-mallard-291215 welney-mute swan 1-291215 welney-mute swan 2-291215 kestrel look out post 201215 kessie 201215
stonechat 201215 short eared owl 201215 fly past 201215 searching 201215 the hunter 201215 ready to pounce 201215
homeward bound 201215 carnival 1-310815 carnival 2-310815 carnival 3-310815 carnival 4-310815 carnival 5-310815
carnival 6-310815 a word in your ear all roughed up close combat redshank 0031-red deer doe
0022-red deer doe 0040-red deer doe 0043-red deer stag 0081-a tender moment 0111-red deer stag 050715-race on
050715-any from six 050715-close race 050715-full power 050715-leaping ahead 050715-number six 120615-food pass
120615-hide and seek 120615-wing stretch 120615-next generation 120615-nuthatch pose 210615-the race is on 210615-tight on the bend
210615-number 5 leads 210615-home straight 210615-handicap start 210615-copy the leader golden plover-wharfedale-050615 golden plover-050615
posing plover-050615 common sandpiper-river wharfe-050615 ruffled piper-050615 grey wagtail-river wharfe-050615 bird's eye primrose-u teesdale-100615 pansy and the fly-u teesdale-100615
curlew-u teesdale-100615 lapwing-u teesdale-100615 redshank-u teesdale-100615 210515-look out post 210515-the offering 210515-conducting the flowers
210515-provision flight 210515-hanging in the wind 210515-booo 210515-concord impersontion 210515-kittiwake plan view 210515-legs dangling
210515-puffin 210515-herring gull and stolen egg 210515-salad for tea 210515-spotty youth 210515-the arrival 210515-the departure
210515-what's so funny 230415-the sheep's head 230415-pied wagtail 230415-lookout rock 090415-by a babbling brook 090415-into the darkness
090415-the castaway 090415-top of the falls 090415-meadow pippet 230415-pippet on the rocks 150415-black tailed godwit 150415-feeding time
150415-godwits arrival 150415-godwit departure 150415-greylag flypast 150415-final approach 150415-mass exodus 150415-avocet sqadron
150415-teal mudfeast 150415-mud dabbling teal 150415-fox on the scent 150415-spotted 150415-heron country 070415-togetherness
070415-don't be late back 070415-checking out the land 070415-hanging out 070415-on the look out 070415-formation flying 070415-brakes full on
070415-beak full 070415-cruising fulmar 050315-tufted YSP 050315-M+F Gadwall-YSP 050315-little grebe-YSP 050315-grey heron 1-YSP
050315-grey heron 2-YSP 050315-grey heron 3 050315-grey heron 4-YSP 250215-burrowing owl-lotherton hall 250215-crowned crane-lotherton hall 250215-great grey owl-lothewrton hall
250215-ground hornbill-lotherton hall 250215-red crested pochard-lotheron hall 250215-white faced whistling duck-lotherton hall 080215-wood pigeon-old moor 080215-collared dove-old moor 080215-bluetit on teasel-old moor
080215-jumping bluetit-old moor 080215-chaffinch-old moor 080215-female chaffinch-old moor 080215-male chaffinch-old moor 080215-goldfinch-old moor 080215-greenfinch-old moor
080215-long tailed tits-old moor 080215-male bullfinch-old moor 080215-reed bunting-old moor 080215-tree sparrow-old moor 110215-grey heron-blacktoft 110215-the strike-blacktoft
110215-small fry-blacktoft 110215-the flasher-blacktoft 110215-snipe 1-blacktoft 110215-snipe 2-blacktoft 110215-wigeon flight path-blacktoft 040115-passing by
040115-swan upping 040115-whooper splash down 040115-whooper hoops 040115-spot the ruff 040115-lonely lapwing 040115-high flying shelduck
040115-pintail 040115-drake mallard 040115-ruff conflict 040115-tip-toe through the shallows 040115-distracted moorhen 040115-iced water